Meesteres Verena

New? Are you a beginner looking for answers? Or are you still looking for the Woman that matches your unique and very extensive kicks, kinks and / or fetishes?

I am (your) Owner, Hostess and Mistress of SM Studio Antwerp. I have the experience, resources and the need to make a difference in your existence.

Red welts which cause, even after days, that you almost can not sit in your office chair: those are mine. The heart beating of terror in your throat, on the train to your mother, after you have received my unexpected text message: that is mine. Or the only thing you see, completely knocked down on the floor, is the tip of a boot that you are worshipping and licking: that’s mine too.

I must be worthy of your submission, like you have to earn my approval. And I'm worth it. Sometimes it takes a while, but very seldom a man leaves my premises without satisfying me. And... I'll make sure of that. Some of the sessions we offer and for which my studio provides the toys for:

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