You are about to enter the domains of SM Studio Antwerp. We assume that you know what you are getting in to.

SM Studio Antwerp is strictly led by the sturdy and hygienic hand of Mistress Verena, a classical-trained rigorous Domina with eyes and ears for innovation. She also offers Kinky and Fetish friend-Mistresses the opportunity to use her fully equipped pain studio, at less than one and a half hours drive from Utrecht (NL) and hardly an hour from Zeebrugge (Belgium / first continental stop UK).

Imagine ...

What kind of dreams or fantasies you have to bare; with us you are at the right place. Your Quest for: safe pain, abandonment and / or discrete total humiliation has ended once you cross our doorstep. Mistress Verena, or one of her friend-Mistresses, take it from there. They will break you down and build you up, totally renewed. Your redeeming satisfaction or satisfying redemption is in our hands.

So welcome!

© 2016 Mistress Verena